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Ag Tech NZ is a New Zealand Based, worldwide research, testing and development company. We have a proven history providing research and development on new and existing agricultural machinery for the global market over the past 25 years. 

We provide research and development services and solutions to leading European machinery manufacturers, to enable them to fast-track their time to market. We are at the forefront of agricultural technology, and our Test and Development Engineers travel the globe providing machinery analysis for our clients.

Our Team

Andre Syben

Managing Director

Andre has been involved in Agriculture for his entire life, and is the Director of Ag Tech. He has owned and operated agricultural businesses for more than 35 years and has been working with leading European agriculture companies for the last 30 years. Andre has extensive agricultural and business connections throughout New Zealand, Australia, USA, South America, UK, Ireland and Europe. He is known for his drive and tirelessly looks for opportunities and improvement. Andre is also the Director of a number of other companies under the Ag Tech Group of companies, including Ag Drive, Ag Work NZ, ATL Ag Tech Logistics and Diesel Tune NZ. 

Mark Sneyd

Test and Development Engineer, Operations Manager and Workshop Manager UK / New Zealand

Mark is a Test and Development Engineer and the Operations Manager and Workshop Manager of Ag Tech NZ. From the UK, he has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Leicester University. An experienced Engineer, for the past 16 years Mark has worked as a Test and Development Engineer for Ag Tech working on projects in New Zealand, UK, Germany, Italy and Argentina. He also has four years of Field Service with LandPower NZ under his belt. 

Sam Russell

Test and Development Engineer
UK / New Zealand

Sam is a Test and Development Engineer for Ag Tech, working on projects in NZ, UK, Germany, Italy, and the USA for the past since 2016. He previously worked as a Service Engineer for CLAAS UK for six years and did a 6-month stint as a Service Engineer at Harvest Centre Otago. From the UK, Sam works between New Zealand and the UK depending on the season. He holds a National Diploma in Land Based Engineering  from Lackham College. 

Niels Kleven

Test and Development Engineer

Niels is a qualified Test and Development Engineer and holds a Certificate in Automotive Heavy Engineering (Agricultural Equipment). He has worked with Ag Tech for more than three years on projects in New Zealand and Europe. He previously worked as a Service Technician for Landpower in the Waikato for eight years (Waikato NZ) as well as at Claas UK as a Service Technician with the Claas Exchange programme, based in Somerset. 

Ben Harris

Test and Development Engineer
New Zealand 

Ben has worked with Ag Tech for the past six years as a Test and Development Engineer on a range of projects in NZ, Germany, USA and the Netherlands. He previously worked as a Technician for LandPower for ten years in the Waikato. Ben holds a Certificate in Automotive Heavy Engineering. 

Steffen Krebbing

Test and Development Engineer

Based in Germany, Steffan joined the Ag Tech team in 2022 as a Test and Development Engineer. He previously worked as a Demo driver for LEMKEN/Steketee for eight months and as a Mechanic at a New Holland and Fendt dealership for three years. He has worked in the USA for an internship, and holds qualifications as a Mechanic for Agriculture and Construction Machinery and has done study towards a Bachelor  Professional for Agriculture and Construction Machinery in Germany. 

Leon Vincent

Mechanical Engineer 

Leon is passionate about machinery, agriculture and engineering, and works in our Engineer and Repair department servicing, repairing and engineering various parts and machinery for customers. He holds a National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering – General Engineering Level 4 and has more than 20 years of professional experience working as an Engineer, Fitter, Welder and Workshop foreman, as well as a range of practical experience gained while working on dairy farms earlier in his career. He has also worked overseas in Canada, USA and the UK, as well as in New Zealand.

Clint Doran

Workshop Engineer 

Clint is an experienced machinery / forager operator and a “self-taught Mr Fix It”. Having previously worked for large agricultural contractors in the Waikato and Taupo regions, Clint knows what is required to get things sorted quickly and how important deadlines are to get machines back up and running. Clint also works as a lead machinery operator in the Ag Tech R and D team, operating a vast array of equipment in NZ, USA and Europe.

Derk Geurts

Test and Development Engineer

Derk started working as a Test and Development Engineer for Ag Tech recently. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Technology from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, followed by a Master's degree in Biosystems Engineering. Demonstrating a commitment to academic and practical excellence, Derk completed the final year of his studies at CLAAS in Harsewinkel. There, he made notable contributions to the Advanced Development department for self-propelled harvesters, culminating in a comprehensive thesis that highlights his expertise in the field.

Jack Walker

Test and Development Engineer

Jack launched his professional career with Claas UK, where he honed his skills through a seven-year apprenticeship at CLAAS EASTERN. His expertise deepened through an international exchange with Landpower in Waikato in 2018, where he played a pivotal role in the grass season. Jack's career further evolved in Australia in 2019, where he worked on the new generation Lexion, and subsequently at Krone UK, where he specialized in digital systems across the United Kingdom.

Coming from a robust agricultural background, particularly in contracting with a focus on silage harvesting, Jack has been intricately involved with Jaguars from a young age. This unique blend of practical experience and professional development positions him as a knowledgeable and skilled professional in his field.

James Howe

Test and Development Engineer

James started his professional career as an apprentice at Claas UK in 2018, where he successfully completed his apprenticeship and earned a certificate in Land-Based Service Engineering. During his five years at Claas, he demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication, which included a significant six-month tenure in New Zealand in 2022. During this period, he was an integral part of the exchange program, contributing his expertise at the Claas Harvest Centre's Timaru and Waikato depots.

Following this enriching experience at Claas, James transitioned to a full-time position at Agtech, where he continues to apply and expand his knowledge and skills in the field. His journey reflects a strong foundation in service engineering and a commitment to professional growth and excellence in the agricultural technology sector.

Adam Barker

Test and Development Engineer

Adam is a seasoned Test and Development Engineer who started working at AgTech in 2023. Before joining the Ag Tech team, he formed an integral part of the Earthmovers division at JCB in the UK. Adam's diverse engineering background encompasses significant experience in arable farming, forestry, and earthmoving equipment, showcasing his adaptability and depth of knowledge in various sectors.

He holds an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, reflecting his commitment to academic and professional growth. Adam's specialization lies in Electronic and hydraulic-based systems, and he is adept in data analysis, software diagnostics, and instrumentation skills. His comprehensive skill set and extensive experience make him a valuable asset to the Ag Tech team.

Robert Fare

Mechanical Engineer 

Robert is an experienced engineer with extensive skills in servicing and repair of agricultural contracting and farming machinery and works in our New Zealand Engineer and Repair service team and also in the worldwide Ag Tech R and D team  . He is passionate about the development of machinery and products in the agricultural industry and is familiar with a range of makes and models including but not limited to Claas, Case, Fendt, Horsch, Kuhn, AGCO, Crone and New Holland. Robert enjoys the process of designing and building custom fit-for-purpose machinery for customers. As an experienced team leader within the workshop, Robert prides himself on great client communication.

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